Three ways of beautifying eyes: false eyelashes, semi permanent treatment and eyelash conditioners. Choose the best one suitable for you. Nanolash test results.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ sung Marilyn Monroe once. Nowadays, diamonds and pearls are not enough for the present-day women. Now, all they want are fashionable clothes, professional cosmetics and the jewelry. Undoubtedly, the list is much longer. Just another bullet point which can be added to their basic needs list is the possession of long and dense eyelashes. How to get them?

Method No. 1 – semi permanent eyelash mascara

A beautician applies (in the same way as a mascara is applied) a special product on eyelashes. It is a combination of a waterproof fluid and a rebuilding serum. The final result depends on the client – the thicker layer of the mixture equals the more intensive eyelash color. Right after this beauty treatment is performed, eyelashes look as if they were longer and thicker. Unfortunately, this outcome is not going to last forever. As a reminder, this is semi permanent mascaraing. It is worth noticing, this treatment is not recommended to those people who have got short and sparse eyelashes. Obviously, it is possible to attach false eyelashes beforehand, but this is strongly linked with the additional expenses. Semi permanent mascaraing is not also suggested to those people who has the habit of rubbing their eyes or picking their eyelashes out. What is more, it is not advisable to use sauna or solarium right after the treatment is performed simply because the high temperature melts the fluid. It is not also a good idea to use creams, lotions and other cosmetics containing oils.

Method No. 2 – false eyelashes

Lengthening and thickening eyelashes belong to the most popular methods of eyes embellishment. This beauty treatment is based on attaching single or several false lashes to one real eyelash. Despite the fast results, the treatment might be performed quite unprofessional. The undesirable effects may include: failure of following the hygiene procedures, the usage of the low quality materials, attachment of wrongly-selected eyelashes in regard to the natural ones, the application ether too far or too close to the eyelid, glued eyelashes, insufficient or great quantity of a glue applied and poorly-brushed eyelashes after the treatment. What is more, quite often it also happens that beauticians forget to acquaint the client with the maintenance of the false lashes. Unfortunately, to the unwelcome results of the false eyelash attachment can be added the application of false eyelashes despite the contraindications, pruning either the natural of false eyelashes, parts attachment, lack of styling and the selection of eyelashes with the unsuitable parameters.

Method No. 3 – eyelash conditioners

Eyelash conditioners are becoming more and more popular among women. These are easy to apply, give prompt results, and what is most important, produce natural effect. The eyelash conditioners are especially recommended to those who struggle with bright, thin and weak eyelashes, as well as for those, whose eyelashes are damaged by cosmetic therapies or people wanting to strengthen their eyelashes.

How do the eyelash conditioners work? They influence the entire length of eyelashes with the specific focus on eyelash roots by making these hard and strong. Those cosmetics stimulate also follicles to more effective work, invigorating new eyelashes to grow. What is more, the eyelash conditioners lengthen, thicken and make eyelashes more dense. They regenerate, strengthen, moisturize and nourish as well. In addition, the composition of eyelash conditioners has got double effectiveness. Firstly, it prevents from irritations, protects eyes and the skin around them from allergic reactions. Secondly, the composition greatly affects the eyelash condition and their inner structure. What is included in the eyelash conditioners composition? In greater extend, these are comprised of plant and flower extracts, vitamins and moisturizing substances. What are the results of the eyelash conditioner treatment? The conditioners work very quickly. The first outcomes are seen after the first weeks of the therapy. Consequently, eyelashes get longer, thicker and healthier. The complex treatment lasts approximately six months. After the desired results are achieved the conditioner should be applied a few times in a week.

The application of the conditioner is alike to applying an eyeliner. The procedure should be started with the precise cleanse of eyelids. No make-up parts, lotion or even water ought to be left. Next, a thin line should be painted, right at the eyelash line both on the upper and lower eyelid. The conditioner is absorbed immediately. Afterwards, we can put a cream on the face. The application is to be performed every evening.

Eyelash conditioner vs. Method No. 1 & 2

Eyelash conditioners, despite lengthening, thickening and regenerating makes also the eyelashes darker. It stays obviously visible that the colour has changed, that is why, no mascara or henna is longer needed. Right after the application, it is possible to apply make-up, cream the face, put an eye cream on or have a hot bath, use a sauna or a swimming pool. Furthermore, the price of the eyelash conditioner is lower than the cost of semi permanent mascaraing or 1:1 eyelash extension. Dark color of eyelashes lasts even when the treatment is finished.

The natural effect which is achieved with eyelash conditioners is the greatest advantage in comparison with the extension process. The application can be performed independently at home without the risk of irritations, glued eyelashes or other inconveniences. The beauty treatments of false eyelash attachment and the subsequent complementary treatments are much more expensive and last longer than the eyelash conditioner application.

Nanolash eyelash conditioner – effects, composition, application

Nanolash is an eyelash conditioner for women with short, thin and damaged eyelashes. It brings desirable effects in a short period of time.

Nanolash comprises of natural ingredients only. Thanks to them, the complex treatment is performed without any irritations. Skin and eyes are protected by plant extracts. This kind of composition guarantees growth of eyelashes in thickness and length, as well as, the regeneration, strengthening, darkening and rebuilding of the damaged eyelashes.

The first results are noticeable after two or three weeks and the final results are achieved after two or three months. After the desirable outcomes are gained, the conditioner should be applied every few days. Applicator is a thin brush with which we paint a line on the upper and lower eyelid, right next to the eyelash line. To do it, you have to be certain that your eyelids are clean and dry.

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