At-Home Lash Lift Kits That Do Not Disappoint. Check Out the Ranking of the Best Products

best lash lamination kits

Natural eyelashes, strongly curled and lifted from roots are the dream of many women. It can be fulfilled in a simple way – with eyelash lift and lamination. What are they? What does lash lamination consist of and how long does it take, and can you laminate your eyelashes at home? Take a look at the ranking comparing best lash lift and lamination kits that make the treatment easier than ever. 

Lash lift and lamination – what do they involve?

The beauty industry has created an array of solutions for women who want to care for their appearance. We have been able to benefit from the eyelash lift and lamination, among other treatments, for many years now. What are these treatments? They were previously known by a completely different name. However, the popular lash perm has been replaced by the more versatile lash lift and lamination.

What is a lash lift, how long does it last, and how does this treatment work? It is a quick and non-invasive method of styling eyelashes, which aims to lift them properly. After the lash lift, the lashes are lifted from the roots and curled properly for many weeks. Lash lift requires using special products which allow to change the shape of natural alshes, adding  extra definition to the eyes.

What does lash lamination consist of, how long does this treatment last ,and what makes it worth trying? This treatment is often combined with a lash lift. It allows to strengthen the eyelashes, make them darker, and provide them with nourishment. Following the lamination, the eyelashes become visually thicker, too. This is an ideal option for women who love their natural eyelashes.

Most interesting lash lift kits – top product ranking

The following selection can help anyone looking to buy a professional lash lamination kit. The ranking includes the best and most interesting sets on the market. They were carefully selected considering their prices, product formulas, the number of possible applications, contents, and the difficulty of use.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

best lash lift kit

The Nanolash brand comes with a complete set for lifting and laminating eyelashes. The kit contains a wide range of products and accessories. You get a total of 30 sachets of lifting and laminating products, 10 for each of the three steps. These include an activator, a neutralizer, and a keratin booster, respectively. In addition, the kit comes with 3 pairs of silicone rods and 3 lash combs. 

The effects the set provides? Following the lash lift and lamination with the kit from Nanolash, you can count on visibly curled, longer, and lifted eyelashes for up to 8 weeks. In addition, thanks to the application of special nourishing ingredients, the eyelashes become much better moisturized and healthier. The formulas include hydrolyzed keratin, silk, arginine, panthenol, grape seed oil, and lanolin. The eyelash-conditioning kit from this popular brand also contains a combination of oils – Abyssinian, avocado, and coconut.

2. Thuya eyelash lift kit

A long-lasting and reliable lash lift? The effect of a lash lift performed with the kit from Thuya, can last up to 8 weeks. Using the kit, you can expect your eyelashes to be lifted from the roots, visibly darker, and very curly.

What can be found inside the kit? First of all, the manufacturer provides a substantial supply of products. The set contains three bottles of 15 milliliters each. They contain perming gel, neutralizer, as well as lifting glue. In addition, the set includes one pair of silicone rods and a wooden pick. 

Moreover, this kit is not only for lifting the lashes. As the manufacturer claims, the set can also be used to tame eyebrows. This is possible thanks to the special formula of the perming gel. It contains thioglycolic acid, which dissolves keratin bonds without damaging the hair of both eyelashes and eyebrows.

3. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

First lash lamination? The Keratin Lash Lift Kit from MIYA LASH is one of the best options in this case. The kit is a complete product containing all the necessary cosmetics and accessories.

Inside, you can find a considerable amount of lifting formulas and a special glue. There is also a wide range of useful accessories. Laminating brushes, lifting picks, eye patches, and silicone rods included in the kit will help perform the treatment.

The kit will allow any woman to perform a complete lash lift in her own home. The result? A beautifully highlighted look and curled and lifted lashes. You can save a lot of time on using an eyelash curler every day. The natural lashes become additionally nourished and moisturized, thanks to the properly selected formulas.

4. Brow lamination and lash lift kit – Protein Reconstruction System Zola

Ultra-fast and accessory-free lash lamination? The Zola brand kit makes this possible. This is a very unusual product, which is completely different from the kits used by beauty salons. Different, of course, does not mean worse. The manufacturer has created 3 unique formulas, which are supposed to enable a quick lash lift and lamination. Importantly, this set does not contain anything else apart from the 3 formulas.

This very simple lash lamination kit allows you to perform the treatment in just 3 steps. The first is Protein Strong Lifting. The formula of this product is designed to open the hair cuticles and dissolve the keratin bonds. The second step, Protein Fixer, allows to rebuild them after achieving the desired eyelash curl. The whole process is completed by the third product: Protein Care.

This is an unusual, but very interesting set, which should interest women looking for a simple way to laminate their eyelashes at home. The manufacturer assures that the treatment delivers noticeable and lasting results.

5. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

The professional Ellebana Lash Lift is a great choice mainly for beauticians. All because of the way the manufacturer packaged the necessary products for the treatments. The set contains a total of 15 pairs of sachets with an activator and neutralizer. Each of them is enough for up to 4 treatments but they must be performed one after another. For this reason, professional beauticians using this kit can perform up to 60 applications. At home, on the other hand, it lasts for only 15 laminations, unless it is used by more than one woman.

In addition to the aforementioned products, the kit also includes the adhesive and silicone rods. Other accessories include a metal applicator, a foam remover, an extra brush, and an instruction manual. 

What is noteworthy about this kit is how long the lash lift lasts. Thanks to the unique formulas of the products, the entire treatment can be completed in just 20 minutes. As a rule, lash lift can take up to an hour, so this is really quite a difference. 

6. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Eyelash lift in just 13 minutes? It’s possible with the Eyelash Lift set from RefectoCil. This at-home lash lift kit enables you to complete the treatment in a matter of minutes, thanks to the specially developed formulas. Lashperm and neutralizer are used to perform the lash lift treatment.

What else is included in the kit from RefectoCil? The manufacturer provides a bottle of glue, eyelash lifter, two mini cosmetic bowls, two brushes, and 3 pairs of silicone rods (S, M, L). The entire contents of the kit are enough for 36 treatments. The rods can be used even more times. According to the producer’s claims, if you wash them after each treatment, they can last for up to 100 applications.

7. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

The Lashlift Kit from Fleeky is a DIY lash lamination kit that provides a deep and brilliantly defined look for about 6 weeks. Using this set, your natural lashes become visibly longer, curled, and lifted. All the products in it are vegan and have not been tested on animals. 

This professional lash lift kit is a complete product. It includes everything you need to perform this treatment at home. Within the set, the manufacturer provides lifting formulas, silicone rods in S and M sizes, glue, eyelash brushes, combs, and application picks. The kit comes in an elegant box, so it can also be a good gift idea.

How to perform lash lift and lamination at home properly?

When you buy a professional lash lamination kit, make sure that it comes with instructions that will help you perform the treatment. So how do you perform a lash lift step by step to achieve the desired results? It’s a really simple process, which you should start by cleaning your eyelids and lashes thoroughly. Using an oil-free makeup remover and a special lash and brow shampoo, you can remove any leftover makeup or other products from the lashes and brows.

You may begin the treatment once the lashes and eye area have been thoroughly cleaned. During the lamination, the most important products include glue, a brush, silicone rods, and applicators. You need to choose the right size of the rods and, if necessary, trim them to fit your eyelid properly. Then, attach them to the eyelids and coat them with some glue. Then you need to comb the lashes onto thier surface and separate them precisely.

The next step invloves using products from the set designed for lifting and laminating eyelashes. First, we use the so-called activator, which contains agents that dissolve keratin bonds in the lashes. It is applied to the eyelashes, and must be removed gently after the time specified in the instructions, with a slightly moistened cotton pad. Then it’s time for the neutralizer, which will rebuild the keratin bonds.

The last, third step, completes the at-home eyelash lamination. However, not every kit includes the third product, so it’s worth checking this before starting the treatment. With each product, you should also pay attention to washing it off after the time specified by the manufacturer.

After using all the formulas, all you need to do is gently remove the silicone rods, being careful with your eyelids and lashes. The effects include properly lifted lashes all the way from the roots and a lovely curl. They are also visibly nourished and shiny.