Lashcode mascara knows the code for spectacularly beautiful eyelashes!

Lashcode is a precisely composed mascara that from the very first coat builds up extremal length, outstanding volume and thickens on eyelash line, leaving the lashes far from being clumped, yet perfectly separated.

Intensively black, highly saturated powdery pigments gift eyelashes with beautiful colour so they look great at any lighting. The formula of mascara is enriched with an array of natural caring substances of high efficiency.

Lashcode is going to astonish you! You’ll be surprised how beautiful your own eyelashes can be!

Convenient, handy and precise Lashcode brush with easiness coats each, even the tiniest eyelash. They become perfectly separated as the eyelash line becomes thickened. Eye make-up has never before been so easy and, at the same time, so perfect. The silicone brush is adjusted to the shape of eyelashes of all lengths and structures. This enables free wielding of the applicator along the entire eyelash line creating, in a few moments, eye make-up that amazes with its beauty and precision. The good news is also the fact that despite super high durability of the mascara, which endures any weather, Lashcode doesn’t cause difficulties during make-up removal; it’s taken off easily and gently, without irritating the delicate skin around eyes.

And that’s not all. What also fills with admiration is the power of caring substances pressed into a very elegant and designer’s tube of the mascara. Lashcode beautifies eyelashes not only from the outside but also inside the hair fibres. Extracts from Soy Bean Shoots and Wheat Shoots, Baicalein and Arginine are able to restore the damaged structure of hair and, additionally, the substances encourage eyelash growth. Panthenol and vitamin E improve eyelash condition and influence their elasticity, intensify shine and present the hair with dark shade.

Diversity of natural substances is what astonishes and makes us observe how our eyelashes turn around, becoming more and more beautiful with every single day.

26 Comments “Lashcode mascara knows the code for spectacularly beautiful eyelashes!”

  1. jackie_la

    I’ve never had such thick lashes, honestly even the tiniest lashes look EXTREMELY stunning, cool mascara recommend!

  2. Lillianne89

    this mascara decoded my lashes 😀 finally they are long and bold

  3. Tiny

    Viva la lashcode! <3

  4. Optimistic31

    good mascara, but I wasn’t stunned by it. Obviously on my lashes it didn’t work….

  5. gogo_dolly

    never before have I seen mascara that would nourish eyelashes, this one needed only two weeks to make my eyelashes waaay better after wearing false lashes 😀 and the make-up, beautiful effect, must try

    • soundgarden1988

      The same here! I used to have very dehydrated and brittle eyelashes and after more or less 2 weeks I noticed improvement

  6. Annie Hall

    usually I don’t leave comment but I have to add that it’s really amazing mascara!

    • iggy

      I was about to write same thing!! 😀

  7. liquorice

    it really is very good but I think there is few equally good

  8. JJ

    got it as a birthday present and it was the best present ever 😀

  9. polyanna

    wand is better than any other, perfectly separates every lash, even the shortest of them all!

    • Joanne LA

      The best silicone wand I’ve used so far.

      • Alisson

        never used this mascara but I don’t trust those silicone wands 🙁

  10. Alex211

    I didn’t even dream about having such thick and long eyelashes. Love it!

  11. angel

    I now look for a mascara that would made my eyelashes extra long and dense because I have to give them a rest from false lashes 😉

  12. meatball

    The bottle is just beautiful! So simple and elegant. It looks really luxurious

    • polyanna

      and really solid 🙂

  13. @_in_red

    I applied it once when I was at my friend’s who has bought this mascara recently and I’ve to admit that my lashes looked as if I had attached false extensions 😉 seriously, no other mascara had ever given me such an effect 🙂 the price is a little bit too high for me but I guess I’ll buy it either way 🙂

  14. *Issabella*

    even several layers leave eyelashes soft and elastic 😀 I know, sounds like a slogan but it really works 😀

  15. RoXanne

    I’ve got a dirt cheap mascara which gives beautful extension and volume but too bad it leaves my lashes so stiff, I feel like they’re going to break

  16. Alexandra_Alex

    this mascara + good foundation = perfect make-up

  17. more_cheeba

    😀 you can go ahead and forget about eyeliner 😀

  18. straw_doll

    its not cool that the mascara is so expensive…. ive got second thoughts whether i shoudd buy it. is it really worth the price?

    • Caroline CC

      more than worth it, mascara that takes care of eyelashes, wow

  19. j3ss

    I got convinced and have just ordered one, when it’s delivered I’ll check how it looks on my eyelashes

  20. Emily20.17

    i’d gladly test it if it’s as good, but I must be 100% certain that make-up will not run down my face, that is why I always use waterproof mascaras


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