Organique oils for hair care: argan oil, macadamia oil and sesame oil.

Oils for Hair Care.

What is the point in applying hair oils? First and foremost, such products have marvellous moisturizing properties. What is more, these natural cosmetics contain plenty of vitamins and micro elements. And this is not all. Thanks to oils, hair are gifted with shine, smoothness and nourishment. Moreover, these products counteract drying-out, fizziness, splitting ends, weakening, falling-out and breaking of hair. In general, they maintain hair in a good condition.

The most popular one is argan oil? Why is that?

Argan oil. It is also known as ‘Moroccan Oil’, ‘Oil of Life’ or ‘Liquid Gold’. All the nicknames have not come out of nowhere. To clarify, the oil is of intensive yellow colour that resembles gold, and is produced in North-West region of Africa. What is more, this precious oil contains acid fatty, E and F vitamins as well as linoleic acid. This product is beloved because it can be used not only for hair care but also for face, body skin and finger nails care. Basically, it is recommended to people having sensitive or super dry skin. Argan oil is able to smooth, highlight discolourations and nourish. Furthermore, this ‘Liquid Gold’ is powerful enough to delay skin ageing precesses by restoring natural elasticity of skin. As a matter of fact, argan oil counteracts all stretching marks and scars creation. Organique brand offers argan oil bottled in 50 ml container ended with a pump dispenser.

Macadamia oil. This specific is easily absorbed by our sin. This means that the oil is able to penetrate into even the deepest layers of skin fairly quickly. What is more, this product contains fatty acids, lecithin and vitamins. How does macadamia oil really work? In brief, this natural cosmetic is good at healing all possible wounds like, for example, scars or skin-burns. Moreover, the oil is able to regenerate, nourish and ease body skin. Worth mentioning, this product can be used as an after sunbathing cosmetic. It is sold in a bottle of 125 ml capacity.

Sesame oil. Obviously, it is widely-used for cooking purposes. When it comes to cosmetology, it is appreciated because of its anti-oxidant features. In other words, sesame oil is able to delay skin ageing processes. What is more, this natural cosmetic contains sun protection filter UV2, yet this is not everything. This product is full of fatty acids Omega 3, E vitamin, calcium, magnesium and phosphor. Organique brand offers a bottle storing 125 ml of the sesame oil.

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