Skin ageing – signs and ways to deal with this inevitable process.

First wrinkles become visible somewhere around the age of 30. In most cases, these are fine lines located on the eye, nose, and lips skin area. Luckily enough, modern medicine knows how to deal with this unwanted skin imperfections. Learn what are the symptoms of face skin ageing.

Mimic wrinkles are developed as the first ones. In general, they have a form of crow’s feet, deep furrows on a forehead, and, so-called, lion’s wrinkles (vertical wrinkles located between eyebrows). The way wrinkles are formed as well as their shape depend on the facial expressions we tend to make. In other words, wrinkles will be deeper only in the particular places. The good news is, mimic wrinkles can be smoothed not only thanks to application of special cosmetics but also due to professional treatments and even physical exercises. Give a try to products containing hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and sun protection filters. What is more, your skin will be grateful for massage. It will stimulate blood circulation in epidermis cells as well as relax face muscles.

Unfortunately, level of collagen and elastin decreases with age. As a consequence, skin looses its firmness, shape of face changes, and collagen fibers become considerably weakened. In short, gravity imprints its mark on your face (you can notice for example drooping cheeks and double chin). The youthful look can be restored due to the use of care cosmetics containing the above-mentioned hyaluronic acid. Face skin can also be made more firm thanks to application of various firming and lifting treatments that are conducted either in a beauty parlour or in a dermatologic surgery. What is more, your daily face skin care should consist of putting on anti-wrinkle products.

The truth is, face is not the only place were wrinkles tend to develop. They can also form on the whole body as a consequence of maintaining incorrect body posture while sleeping (on the front or on a side). Because it is fairly difficult to stay on your back all night, try out accurate body care. Try to give your body a massage and apply body scrubs more frequently than you use to. Furthermore,  remember to moisturize dermis using the appropriate cosmetics. Visit a beauty parlour and ask for a mesotherapy or thermolifting. Do not forget to do some physical activity as well. Daily workout will not only improve your skin condition but also help you with burning off unnecessary calories.

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