A few words on eyebrows. Nanobrow serum – composition & effects

nanobrow eyebrow serum

A beautiful gaze and thick eyebrows. How to get them? Is it a good idea to use eyebrow conditioners like Nanobrow? The answers to those and other questions you will find here. Learn something more about your eyebrows.

On a daily basis, we only want to highlight your eyebrows as quickly and effectively as possible, so we reach for eyebrow shadows, pencils or gels.

We don’t usually think about the role our eyebrows play in our lives. They are very important because they protect our eyes from moisture, such as sweat. For this reason, it’s important to take proper care of the eyebrows, instead of replacing them with make-up. Remember – care is the key to beauty.

What do your eyebrows need to get thicker?

Each eyebrow is hair that begins its life in a tiny bulb. To grow thick, strong and dark, it needs such ingredients as biotin, zinc, silicon, vitamins A and E. They can be found in natural oils (some people use castor oil on eyebrows), but the best combination of ingredients will always be found in professional cosmetics. Nanobrow is an eyebrow serum that works so effectively because it contains a set of perfectly selected moisturising, regenerating and stimulating growth components.

The best eyebrow conditioner

A comparison of eyebrow products that are currently available on the market clearly showed that Nanobrow is the best. It is thanks to a few factors which are important in daily care of eyebrows.

Only Nanobrow:

  • contains plant extracts and harmless substances,
  • has a very light formula and absorbs quickly,
  • works directly on hair bulbs, which makes it very effective,
  • has a very comfortable, small applicator,
  • nourishes and embellishes the hairs.

eyebrow growth treatment nanobrow

How does Nanobrow work?

Nanobrow is a professional eyebrow conditioner, it does not work superficially. The whole treatment begins with moisturising, regenerating and strengthening weakened bulbs. This is why the first effects of Nanobrow appear after 1-2 weeks after the first application.

This eyebrow serum, if used regularly, restores even severely damaged hairs, their health and elasticity is improved. Your eyebrows become more beautiful because Nanobrow stimulates their growth, thickens and darkens them. In a relatively short time, your brow arch changes and gains a beautiful shape and colour.

What is Nanobrow made from?

Undoubtedly, the composition of Nanobrow serum is really thought through. The producer minded the natural susceptibility of eye skin area together with the needs of weak and thin brows – this makes the eyebrow serum so well-composed.

The health and beauty of eyebrows is maintained mainly due to: revitalizing ginseng extract, hair loss combating soy and wheat extracts as well as brow growth accelerating baicalein. This mixture is enriched with hydrating, nourishing and rebuilding substances such as glycerin, arginine, panthenol. Naturally, this serum also features extra ingredients responsible for accelerating eyebrow growth.

Important! Nanobrow serum is free from parabens, silicones, phthalates, synthetic colorants and aromas.

eyebrow serum nanobrow

Nanobrow: step-by-step guide

How to apply Nanobrow to achieve the best results? Three simple steps are enough, the most important is regularity. It is extremely easy with the applicator with a soft tip and the formula which is rapidly absorbed.

How to use Nanobrow? Follow 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Remove make-up and cleanse the skin.
  • Step 2. Apply Nanobrow to your eyebrows.
  • Step 3. Wait until the product absorbs.

More information on Nanobrow products can be found on www.nanobrow.co.uk.

23 Comments “A few words on eyebrows. Nanobrow serum – composition & effects”

  1. Martha

    Super fast effects, after less than a month I could see the deficts in my brows to fill 🙂 I use it and recommend to everyone 🙂

  2. EVE

    Way better than Revitabrow!!!!

    • anonymous

      Eve, have you had it? Can you tell something more about it? I’m curious how it worked for you because I don’t know if to get one for myself.

  3. Goody

    Nanobrow – works! Worth getting one, finelly serum that actually works and brows grow back.

  4. Iggy J.

    The best eyebrow serum I got.

  5. Agnes

    wow! I have to test it!

  6. Gabby

    I had it and there’s no hiding the fact that it’s one of the best brows conditioners in this price range out there. It helped me get back thick, dark and expressive brows in spite of them being really sparse after permanent make-up

  7. ivone_w

    It’s a pity that I can’t get it at the store somewhere…

  8. Monique

    Great product, I can honestly recommend it to everyone who overdid it in the plucking part 😀 😉

  9. Eveline.87

    It is on my shopping list for a week now. I still consider the purchase but you REALLY make me want to get it :*

  10. Alex

    How much ml inside???

  11. Izzy

    quick and pleasant application and finally a product that doesn’t leave me with allergy. huge plus!

  12. wendy inc

    why use serum like this when you can just use castor oil

    • lady-ana

      I too like castor oil, but sometimes something stronger needs to be used and nanobrow works way better than simple oil. try it, cause its worth it 🙂

  13. diamond

    I use it for a few months now, my brows have never looked better. Great thing! For fast regeneration and speed up growth nanobrow is the best!

  14. Alexie

    I use it for 2 months now- amazing! my brows are darker and denser.

  15. Teddy

    All the opinions are buying me over, it seems worth its price because for me it;s a bit expensive…

  16. Johanna K

    It’s first time I hear of it. Sounds promising 🙂 I think I may try it 🙂

  17. Nathalie

    many bloggers recommend it, I only jusr started to use it so its to soon for me to give my opinion.

  18. Kitty_23

    Finally, great product with awesome composition, I’m extremely curious about the effects.

  19. AnneMarie

    I once rubbed castor oil in brows and let me tell you that it is a waste of time. It is better to get something more intense right away. Nanobrow helped me after failed waxing and years of plucking them.

  20. Guest

    My brows grew back after using this one too and comparing to other products it is not that expensive.

  21. Olive

    Wow, so many plant extracts! Cool, it usually is all artficial


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