Almond face paste – Do it yourself!

We have got a toothpaste for cleaning our teeth and we have got almond paste for eating. If we combine some properties of these two kinds of paste we would create face paste. What is this? It is a face skin care mixture made from, among others, almonds. And we can add to this mixture almost anything that is powerful enough to help us with eliminating acne, moisturising skin or removing dark circles under eyes. How to prepare your own almond face paste?

Composition of almond face paste

The basic ingredient, as it is not hard to guess, are almonds or almond oil. Obviously, as mentioned above, we can add plenty of other substances that correspond with our skin needs. And we can choose among herbs, herbal infusions, honey, loam, oat flakes, essential oils and parts of fruits. Pick the ingredients in such a way to make these support you in eliminating skin imperfections, do not cause any allergic reactions, have pleasant scent or colour and so on. In short – combine, mix and play with it!

How to prepare almond face paste?

Take almonds and mince these or simply chop up as finely as you only can. Do the same with oat flakes, fruits and other bigger ingredients. Then, add loam, herbs and honey. Certainly, all the ingredients have to be precisely combined. In a case, our face paste is becoming too dense or too oily, you can add almond oil or some other liquid. When our mixture gains the consistency resembling stretching dough, then we can place it into a container. Obviously, the container should be cleansed beforehand by making it disinfected and dried-out. In this case, you should look for a container made of dark glass. The less sun rays reach the almond paste the longer it will be available to use.

Almond face paste – Directions for use

In order to cover our face with the almond paste all over, we have to take a part of it and combine with a small amount of water. You do not need any applicators since your fingertips are just perfect to do it. All you have to remember is to press the paste into the complexion when applied on the face. Naturally, if you decide to give your face skin a mini massage then you will boost blood circulation and help all the ingredients with penetrating into dermis way better. As a consequence, the substances will nourish and take care of your face skin more efficiently. What is more, the almond face paste can be used instead of a regular face scrub since your home-made product is good at cleansing, exfoliating dead epidermis cells and smoothing skin. The last thing to mention, do not forget to rinse the cosmetic with warm water.

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