Are there any natural ways to remove makeup?

Nobody likes removing make-up, rubbing the eyes hard, wasting plenty of cotton pads. Finding a way to make it at least a bit more pleasurable can be tricky but it is achievable!

What are natural makeup removers?

Without doubts, makeup removal is a must. If the skin is dirty and congested, even the best face cream won’t make it better.

Natural face care is the best way to repair tired-looking skin. There are lots of micellar waters which irritate the skin and give a burning sensation. It’s high time we changed our skin-care habits. Let’s look into the product ingredients carefully.

How to remove makeup naturally?

Few people know about the existence of a makeup removing mitt that lets you take off makeup without any products. This glove is hypoallergenic, works like a scrub, removes dead cells and stimulates the blood flow. Be careful: if you rub the face harshly, you cause damage to the skin and lots of scrapes or even cuts. Also, this gadget doesn’t work for all types of skin – sensitive skin is too gentle and easily damaged.

Use a natural soap, ideally the Aleppo plant-based soap made up of natural oils. It doesn’t work like regular soaps. It can remove the heaviest makeup and works even for acne-prone skin. The Aleppo soap lathers well and it’s easily rinsed with warm water.

The Dudu-Osun soap can help you take off makeup too. It has a powerful cleansing effect and it’s even able to remove waterproof products. Moreover, it reduces the excessive secretion of oil and makes dark spots less noticeable. Because it’s made up of shea butter, honey and palm oil, it has a strongly hydrating effect, not leaving the skin feeling tight.

The Oil Cleansing Method effectively removes makeup but also perfectly enhances the skin. Castor oil, for example, clears the skin of all dirt and balances the pH. Some oily skin “owners” complain that oils give their skin the unhealthy shine but the method is surely worth using because it’s really gentle.

Honey and baking soda – an ideal duo for exfoliating the skin and removing makeup. Still, note that baking soda has too strong effect to use it on the eyes so use it for other face parts.

Saline solution has a similar effect to micellar water but it won’t handle heavy makeup. If you like, mix saline solution with camomile extract to make a natural face toner.

Sunflower vegetable oil – it naturally and effectively removes makeup but also takes more time. Still, it’s good to use it if you aren’t busy because it hydrates, nourishes and repairs the skin.

Aloe has cleansing properties too. It makes a good makeup remover for sensitive skin because of the spectacular soothing and hydrating effect. Allergy sufferers may reach for it as well.

If you’re into gellike products, there are plenty at the stores – find one made up of natural ingredients and having a soothing aroma. You can use a small amount because such product lathers well, plus it hydrates and softens the skin, without giving the hated tight feeling.

The most natural ingredient – plain yogurt. When you leave it on the face for around 10 minutes and remove makeup with a cotton pad soaked in warm water, it acts as a great remover.

Get the flawless, radiant skin without chemicals and synthetics!

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