Coconut oil: pull, eat, rub! Pro-health and cosmetic features of coconut

It’s done! Coconut oil is here to stay for good. Now, it can be found everywhere, in shopping malls, eco-food shops and drugstores. On one hand it used to be infamous in many regions of the world, yet praised in the other for its pro-health and cosmetic qualities. Which ones in particular? Let’s enumerate some of them.

Coconut Oil – Qualities, Action & Effects

  1. It serves low porosity hair just wonderfully. Just as the reminder, low porosity hair is thick, strong and straight, often overburdened by improper care, happens to get too greasy. Coconut oil classes, makes hair light, soft, bouncy and fresh.
  2. Coconut oil is perfect for freshening up and cleansing of skin. Surely, its antiseptic action will surprise everyone. This oil doesn’t only cure all possible irritations and inflammations of skin but also helps remove acne and heals up post-acne blemishes.
  3. Coconut oil reduces visibility of wrinkles. It contains an array of vitamins and minerals which skin needs to preserve its youthfulness and suppleness (these are: potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphor, calcium, vitamins E, C, B as well as folic acid). Thanks to regular application of coconut oil, skin restores it youthful look.
  4. Coconut oil is perfect for frying. Alike castor oil, its smoke point is high so it endures high temperatures. However, it must be remembered that for cookery purposes you should reach for refined, which is purified coconut oil. It works better on a frying pan.
  5. Coconut oil works antibacterial and delivers disinfecting action. Also, this natural substance relieves fatigued and exhausted muscles. Many sportsmen claims to use coconut oil after finishing their workouts to help their muscles regenerate.
  6. Coconut oil helps slimming down. Its calorie content is low. Also, it is made of MTC fats, and this abbreviation stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. They are used by our organism to produce energy and don’t create deposits in our bodies. Bigger amount of energy accelerates metabolic rate and burning calories. This means that coconut oil helps reduce unnecessary pounds.
  7. You can suck coconut oil. This treatment is called ‘Oil Pulling’ and delivers similar action as mouthwashes do. Also, coconut oil pulling can help you whiten your teeth.

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