DIY – Chamomile face cream for sensitive, oily and combination skin type

There is nothing more easy to prepare than a chamomile face cream. How to do it? All the ingredients have to be divided into two categories, accordingly to the phase these will compose. The first phase is the oil one and should comprise of the following ingredients: an emulsifier and homemade macerate in a form of chamomile blossoms covered with grape seed oil. Good idea is also to add several drops of E vitamin. The oil phase should represent 30% of the cream, whereas, water phase approximately 70%. Basically, you are also going to need a blender, a milk frother, two little bowls, a saucepan with water and a thermometer.

How to prepare the chamomile cream?

First of all, prepare water phase. Take a bowl and put inside it two tea spoons of linseed. Cover it with boiling water. Wait till a sticky substance is created. Infuse chamomile tea inside the second bow. The contents of both bowls have to be mixed using the blender. Water phase should has 60 degrees Centigrade.
Oil phase requires approximately four weeks to be ready to use. Pick up chamomile blossoms, rinse these under running water and put inside a bowl. After that, cover these with grape seed oil and put it away in such a place where the flowers and oil can be exposed to the sun. As soon as four weeks pass, combine your homemade chamomile macerate and the emulsifier in water bath. The temperature of oil phase should also amount to 60 degrees Centigrade.

O.K., now, it is time for mixing these two phases. Add oil phase to water phase, not the other way round, stirring continuously. While combining, the cosmetic gains appropriate consistency, cools down and gets denser. When the cream temperature decreases to 40 degrees Centigrade, add several drops of E vitamin as well as the essential oil that you like most.

What are the features of homemade chamomile face cream?

Basically, chamomile is famous for its easing, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and anti-psoriasis characteristics. Grape seed oil contains K vitamin which expedites working of blood vessels. What is more, this grape seed oil works anti-bacterial. When it comes to linseed, it moisturizes, relieves irritations, regulates working of sebaceous glands and speeds up healing process of minor wounds.

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