Eczema on Arms and Hands? Treat it Effectively!

It causes lots of discomfort and unpleasant ailments and they aren’t exclusively skin-related. Eczema patients suffer from insomnia and lack of concentration. The condition can really make your life harder. If you’re tired of itching, fissures, blisters and extremely dry skin on hands and arms, check out some effective treatments.

What is eczema?

Eczema is a challenging skin condition having various causes that we often can’t do much about. It affects from 15% to 20% of the society. Children suffer from the disease more often but around 5% of adults have to deal with the symptoms. The causes of the condition remain unknown. It is said that the condition might be caused by the immune system disorders triggered by even the tiniest contact with allergens.

Eczema on hands and arms – causes

Other causes of eczema include:

  • outside environment;
  • contact of the skin with harmful substances;
  • cigarette smoke;
  • changes in the child’s intestinal flora because of antibiotics;
  • inflammatory reaction in the skin;
  • allergy.

Hand eczema vs daily life – skin care

Eczema is both a medical problem and a beauty flaw. Skin care isn’t easy because you simply can’t eliminate some of the elements triggering the condition e.g. pollen or dust. That is why eczema patients are left with symptomatic treatment. The key thing you must do is ensure the sufficient hydration and protective layer which locks water in, preventing dryness. Use emollient-based products in form of oils, lotions and creams. You must apply them at least twice a day, after a bath and shower, and whenever you need it. Wet compresses are used in eczema treatment too.

How to treat hand eczema?

Substances controlling inflammation and itchiness are the most effective but they may, at the same time, cause faster skin aging, acne rosacea, in extreme cases – adrenal gland disorders. Anti-inflammatory substances and substances regulating the immune response are used as well. Some patients take antihistamine medication. The therapy is enhanced by products containing evening primrose oil and UVA/UVB phototherapy.

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