Failed hair dyeing attempt. D.I.Y.: Hair dye removing mask.

Sometimes it happens, that colour of a hair dye that you have put on hair, is not the one you expected to obtain or simply you are not satisfied with the effect produced. Or maybe you want to get rid of the residues of a dye that covers ends of your hair. Fortunately, there is a homemade life-saver that brings back the natural colour to strands of hair. You will be able to see your natural colour of hair thanks to hair dye removing mask.

Natural hair does not have uniform colour. It is completely normal that a head is either covered with hair that has light reflexions or with darker strands growing out from the scalp. Each single hair does not have the same colour as other due to several factors like hair washing, hair dyeing with the use of chemical preparations, as well as all the factors connected with the natural environment. For example, when hair is washed or dyed, it is exposed to shampoos containing SLS, hair dyes contain a lot of ammonia and other colour changing agents as the cosmetics used for treatments conducted at a hairdresser’s. The second group of factors are, among others, the sun, climate and natural cosmetics. If you want to have uniform colour of the hair, then prepare hair dye removing mask, apply henna or a colouring shampoo.

In order to prepare the hair dye removing mask, you will need the following ingredients: a base product – you can use for example an argan hair mask and a lighting up agent – bananas or/and yeast. All the substances have to be mixed precisely and applied on wet hair. Bananas have strong highlighting features. Yeast, in turn, contains vitamins from B group, selenium, zinc, amino-acids and minerals. What is more, it counteracts hair loss and improves blood circulation. The hair dye removing mask can be rinsed with the aid of a shampoo and a conditioner. Due to the bananas and yeast, all strands of hair become nourished, smooth and glossy. It is worth mentioning, the scent of yeast is not noticeable after hair washing.

There is yet another manner thanks to which you will be able to remove unwanted dye from the hair. Add a small amount of soda to the shampoo you use everyday. Mix these two products and massage the mixture into the scalp. After that, rinse the products with lukewarm water and apply your favourite conditioner afterwards. The colour of the hair is expected to be lightened up.

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