Grin from ear to ear. How to take care of teeth?

Sadly, many people don’t know how to take care of their teeth the right way. The consequence? Tooth decay, gum inflammation, lack of teeth and bad breath. How to deal with all of these? All you have to do is follow the instructions below and pay a visit at a dentist’s office at least twice a year.


The correct tooth brushing should last approximately 3 minutes. It’s advised to clean your teeth in this way at least twice a day; best if you do it after every meal eaten. A regular toothbrush has to be replaced with a new one every three months or after every infection of the oral cavity. The hardness of the brush’s bristles has be chosen by taking into account the following aspects: age, possible gum ailments and the current state of the teeth. However, gum and teeth care shouldn’t only base on using a toothbrush of a good quality. There are also other methods of cleaning the oral cavity that are equally important.


The best toothpaste is the one which contains fluorine. This substance makes teeth decay-resistant as well as it intensifies the mineralization of both teeth and enamel. Thanks to this, human denture is less prone to the action of organic acids and other dangerous substances consumed with food. More and more often we can see many people brushing their teeth after eating a meal. They do this probably because they need the breath to be fresh and to feel better.


The impurities that manage to hide in the hard-to-reach places can be removed thanks to dental floss. Also, this product is able to get rid of dental plaque. What’s interesting, using dental floss prevents tooth decay and gum inflammation. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of this product’s beneficial action.


It’s used to make the breath fresh again, destroy bacteria, counteract dental plaque development and strengthen teeth. Very interesting phenomena connected with the use of mouthwash is the hygiene of oral cavity among people being 15-24. It turns out that the young find fresh breath super important.


Probably the majority of us remember this unpleasant procedure underwent at primary school. Although the preparation used for the treatment was neither pleasant nor smells good, everyone had to brush their teeth with it. Fortunately, today, when we are adults, we appreciate the benefits fluoridation brings. This dentistry procedure helps deal with decay and it can be undergone at any dentist’s.

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