Highlighting Foam Strips by Color Cuts – Foam Hair Strips For Modern Colouring!

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips by Color Cuts – Foam Hair Strips For Modern Colouring!
Aluminium foil for colouring hair? It’s a thing of the past! Discover the innovative Highlighting Foam Strips for hair colouring by Color Cuts.

The professional hairdressing thermal foam strips are designed for every hair colouring technique:

  • classic colouring,
  • creative colouring,
  • highlighting,
  • ombre,
  • sombre,
  • balayage,
  • flamboyage,
  • ecaille,
  • highlights.

Still colouring hair using aluminium foil? Don’t be surprised if your customers won’t come back to your salon again… Many hairstylists still make this mistake. Unfortunately, bleaching products combined with aluminium foil can only cause damage, hair loss and dryness. Burnt hair is the result of the oxidiser combined with aluminium foil. Exposed to excessive heat, the hair bleach acts faster but more aggressively, penetrating the hair structure through the open cuticles. The chemicals formed during oxidation cook the hair locked in foil strips.

You can prevent this by choosing hair-gentle foam strips from Color Cuts, which optimise the hair temperature while protecting the condition of your clients’ hair.

highlighting foam strips

What makes Highlighting Foam Strips special?

Flexible, gentle and lightweight material: the foam material is gentler on hair, especially fine and weak hair. Color Cuts strips, unlike regular foil, don’t crease, tear or cause damage to the hair or skin. For your customers this is a foolproof way to avoid the discomfort of long, multi-step colouring. The foam strips don’t rustle or irritate the skin of the ears, forehead or neck. Highlighting Foam Strips ensure shorter colouring time and more satisfied customers.

Eco-friendly material: the material used to create the strips is 80% recycled. One strip can be washed and reused (up to 3 times). A set of 200 strips is sufficient for more than 600 uses – the ready to use 10×30.5 cm strips can be cut to size. The used strips can be recycled.

Comfort of work: an accessory for professionals and beginners alike. With Highlighting Foam Strips, you will learn hair colouring from scratch and ensure comfortable, fast work without the risk of damaging your hair. With Color Cuts, you will speed up your team’s work and gain more satisfied customers.

Full control over colouring: the special material is a heat insulator that maintains the right temperature of the strands without overheating them. This ensures that your clients’ hair is well protected and that the colour comes out exactly as you planned. The semi-transparent material gives you full control over the colouring process and the change in colour of the strands. The different coloured strips will help you distinguish the colours of the dyes used, so you minimise the risk of any mistake during the treatment.

Do you want to:

  • make your salon stand out?
  • ensure your clients leave satisfied and come back for more colourings?
  • use eco-friendly equipment at work?
  • deliver modern, safe and trendy hairstyles?

Go for the Color Cuts colourful strips! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.