How to buy amazing cosmetics smarter and cheaper?

It is truly amazing that we are becoming woke costumers who want more from the products we buy. We now can identify products with great composition and do not allow ourselves to be led by the price. We know that the relationship between the price and the product’s quality must be fair. Do you know how to buy cosmetics which won’t let you down? Here are some ideas as to how you can make a satisfactory purchase.

How to buy cosmetics smarter, faster and cheaper?

1. Do the research

We know that “research” may sound as boring and tiresome task but it is worth doing it in order to learn more not only about the product but also about our own skin and its needs. It may turn out that you unnecessarily use cosmetics which only seemingly help you take care of your skin while doing exactly the opposite.

Before you head out shopping, go to a beauty salon or visit a dermatologist and check what is your exact skin type.

Obviously, cosmetics require an equally thorough analysis. You should know which brands are ethical, make cosmetics with great ingredients and who do not test on animals. Look for products packed with natural ingredients. Pay attention to the fact which of them are hypoallergenic if, e.g. you have sensitive skin.

2. Prepare essentials list

…and stick to it! This way you won’t allow yourself to get carried away with shopping fever. Before you set foot in the store, check what you need. Thanks to it, you’ll have control over what gets to your cart. Avoid getting other cosmetics that you’ll not gonna be able to use up before the expiry date.

Also, try remembering that less is more. Sometimes it is better to have one high-quality product instead of a few wasting away because “it’s still not it”.

Moreover, not all things should be bought on the off-chance. You can do it with products for the whole family (shower gel, soap, shampoo) but should avoid it for the short-lived products – buy just those that are nearly out.

3. Organize your cosmetics

While tidying up, you’ll learn that a lot of your cosmetics are already out of date or you just do not use them, like at all, because they are no good for you or you don’t like what they do for your skin. Once you get rid off the unnecessary things it will be easier to determine what you actually need.

4. Take a sample

Remember that in theory, you’ll never know if this cosmetic works for you or not. For this reason, you shouldn’t buy full-sized cosmetics. It is better to ask for its sample at the local drugstore. Each sample should have a composition placed on it so that you can analyze it at home.

In the meantime, you can also check prices. In many cases, it will turn out that you can find the exact product on Amazon yet a few percents cheaper.

5. Look for good deals online

When you compare prices of products at the drugstore with the one on the Internet, it will become clear that the online deals are more affordable, especially when it comes to high-end products. You can buy many products with a big discount, even up to 80%. Which products should you get discounted? Most of all, those that happen to run out the fastest like gel, lotion, hand cream, toothpaste or antiperspirant. Bath salts also have long expiry date. Additionally, it is great opportinity to replenish other necessary products, e.g. mascara or eyelash serum. Remember to always check whether discounted goods have appropiately long expiry date and whether the discount is not a direct result of expiring date.

Have a successful shopping session!

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