How to choose the perfect concealer?

The most common obstacles on the way to gain beautiful skin are blackheads, spots, scars, dark circles under eyes, and hyperpigmentations. There’s nothing that ruins the mood and make-up as much as one of those standing out from under your make-up.

The most important is to apply concealer on the foundation – NEVER THE OTHER WAY ROUND. If you perfectly conceal the spot with concealer and then put the foundation on it, then some of the concealer will be wiped off for sure. Adding more products will make it stand out even more.

If you will do it the other way round, the enemy will be partially covered so it is highly likely that it will not be as visible. Then you will not have to use as much of the cosmetic.

You shouldn’t use concealer without the foundation because it can stand out from the color of your skin and that looks bad. The foundation will even out the skin complexion. If you dislike the foundation, you can mix it up with some moisturizing cream.

What types of concealers are there?

  • Liquid concealer – the most popular. Those are available in various versions with different levels of coverage. No wonder it’s so popular. Above all, it is a very universal product able to conceal most imperfections.
  • Stick concealer is thick and creamy. Those usually have higher coverage than the liquid concealer. Thanks to it, you can camouflage redness, scars, and spots.
  • Concealers with a brush focus more on highlighting and the coverage is their secondary action. This type of product is perfect for undereye use.

How to choose a concealer?

The perfect concealer needs to have the same color or be as close in color as possible to the foundation. The cosmetics chose this way to provide way better effects. For the eyes area, the concealer can be slightly brighter but you shouldn’t go too far! Do not use a concealer with entirely different shade than the color of your skin.

If you want to hide a very big problem, choose a concealer that has the exact opposite color on the color wheel. Spots are usually red or pink, so you should go for a green concealer. However, you must be careful with it. Opposites neutralize the unwanted color.

How to apply the concealer?

It is best to apply it with your fingers or with a small fluffy brush. Tap the product in very gently. The brush will allow more precision. It is important for the concealer to blend in with the rest of the make-up and not to be visible.

Keep in mind, that it is better to use less product and possibly add another layer than apply one thick layer.

Always apply this product starting on the external eye corner and towards the nose. This way concealer will not move or gather in the crease. You can set the make-up with a powder.

Why do you have dark circles under the eyes?

Quite often dark circles and hyperpigmentations are genetically based and no cosmetics will be able to fully camouflage them. A lot of sleep and a good diet may be helpful though.

However, that is not the end for concealer tasks. Apart from camouflaging the imperfections, it can be also used for contouring.

Long-lasting make-up is not possible without the concealer. It is one of the most important elements of the make-up. Concealer is undoubtedly the best friend of every woman with imperfections.

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