How to Reduce Hair Static?

Static hair is right next to thinning and oily scalp when it comes to most common hair problems. How to deal with it? You do not need to give up wearing a hat and risk getting a cold.

There are a few tried & tested methods for fighting static hair. You can use one of the homemade methods to keep your hairdo healthy and beautiful. There is no need to buy expensive cosmetics and poorly available tools. You can start preventing static in the very first stage of hair care – washing, and support it with some tried home techniques.

Wash your hair the right way

The wrong washing method is one of the causes of static. Less does not mean better. You need to wash your hair as often as it needs e.g. every day if the scalp gets oily at a very fast pace. Your shampoo must go with your hair type, it must be delicate and free from detergents. It would be perfect if it contained some light silicones that unpoof the hair and reduce static.

A conscious choice of products

You can deal with static hair by using deflating cosmetics. They should not weigh hair down or make you feel unfresh. Products with silicones, silk and substances creating a protective layer are worth choosing. When it comes to home methods, a very little amount of hand lotion applied to washed hair works amazing.

Oils for static hairdo

Oils for static hairMost natural oils are anti-static because they surround every hair with a protective film. That is why a regular hair oil treatment is recommended for those who struggle with static. We can choose between several dozen of natural oils that can be used solo or in ready-made cosmetics. However, when we reach out for ready products, we must check if they are quite natural and free from e.g. dehydrating alcohols.

Brushing accessories

If your hair is static, you should brush it the right way. It is wrongly believed that it should not be brushed at all. Letting your hair be tangled is not a good solution. Pay attention to combing tools, though! Go for wooden combs or natural bristle brushes. Plastic and rubber accessories can make the whole problem even bigger.

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