How to Use Miracle-Working Petroleum Jelly to Enhance Beauty?

Usually, the most common and easily available products give the best effect. This applies to petroleum jelly too. You can use it in many different ways to enhance your beauty. Do you know them all?

Essential information on petroleum jelly

Popularity of petroleum jelly isn’t dropping, that’s for sure. Its multipurposeness is used by many branches of industry, including cosmetics. This odor-less, sticky substance is insoluble in water and it is a by-product of the oil refining process. It’s mostly made up of hydrocarbons. Depending on the degree of refining, there are different types of petroleum jelly.

Uses of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly to relieve dry skin

Irritated skin on the hands, chapped lips, dry heels or other type of epidermal damage? Petroleum jelly turns out to be a great cure. It has a strongly lubricating, conditioning and soothing effect, and forms a shield on the skin’s surface to protect against the damaging effect of external factors.

Petroleum jelly to get lovely lashes

If you don’t like your super-thin, sparse lashes, petroleum jelly will surely help you turn them around. It keeps them healthy, strengthens, moisturizes and adds shine, nurturing the skin on the eyelids at the same time. When you smooth some jelly on the lashes the mascara stays on for longer.

Make-up removal with petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is able to remove even waterproof make-up. Apply a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it across the face. Be gentle while taking eye make-up off, ideally put the pad on the eyelid and wait until the products come off. Rubbing the eyelids only weakens the lashes and makes them fall out in excess.

Petroleum jelly and color treating

If you color-treat your hair at home, you’ve probably come across those irritating stains on the skin. To avoid that in the future, smooth some petroleum jelly along the hairline, on the ears and neck. Applied to the hair ends, it is said to secure them from damage and splitting. You may also try applying it on the lengths for smoothness and anti-static effect.

Petroleum jelly and perfume

Petroleum jelly is also said to upgrade the fragrances and make them last longer. The odorless substance helps distribute the aroma. Apply some product on the inner elbows, chest, wrists and behind the ears for a more intense scent that stays on really long.

Uneven tan lines

The suntan is usually darker on the elbows and knees. The same happens when you use a self-tanner. To avoid this mishap, prime the skin properly. Smooth petroleum jelly all over the body to make it super-moisturized and then move on to applying the self-tanner, easily!

Petroleum jelly in a body scrub

Petroleum jelly is a perfect base for a natural body scrub. Mix it with some sugar and add essential oil or some plant-derived ingredients. This mixture removes dead skin cells and ensures intensive hydration.

Petroleum jelly to soften dry cuticles

Softening dry nail cuticles with petroleum jelly is a brilliant idea. You can easily remove them if they’re soft and moisturized. Additionally, this product adds shine and nourishes the nails.

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