Hygge set for professional skier: helmet, sticks and coconut

Winter break is a treat for all the people who love ski, snow and mountains. Winter sports give immense satisfaction no matter of the atmospheric conditions. This is even proven by an old Norwegian saying ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.’ We would like to broad this saying a little bit and add ‘bad cosmetics’ and give you hints on how to take care of skin and hair during frosty weather. Also, we will tell you what – apart from a helmet and sticks – you should take with you for skiing.

A day spent on a ski slope – that sounds wonderful. Beautiful views and overcoming your own boundaries and weaknesses, being in the perfect harmony with nature and experiencing the feeling of freedom absolute. In this pursuit of adventure we sometimes forget that our skin needs protection and support, too. Hair exposed to frost or hidden under a helmet isn’t satisfied either: the strands are separated from oxygen, scalp isn’t provided with fresh air circulation, and low temperatures don’t favours hair bulb condition.

In order to prevent cheek frostbites from ruining our evening spent in a mountain cabin with vine and hot chocolate, it’s worth packing coconut oil into your suitcase. It will not only take care of skin and hair but also counteract dehydration and frostbites. Moreover, coconut oil will help relax your body – the exhausted muscles will be soothed if you combine regular massage with coconut oil. Probably all ladies will be amazed by the fact that coconut oil can be used not only as winter cream, lip balm or low porosity hair mask since this natural substance may replace make-up remover and hand cream. This multitude of application makes coconut oil become a faithful fellow during our winter getaways. After all, it replaces a few cosmetics and, simultaneously let us safe space in our already full bag.

What are the other features of coconut oil that you might appreciate?

Hair removal with coconut oil? Indeed! Frying? Yep, but it’s better to reach for refined coconut oil if you want to use if for cookery purposes. Washing your mouth with coconut oil? Why not! This coconut mouthwash is all-round; it works antibacterial and takes care of oral cavity. Also, if sucked regularly, it helps whiten your teeth. This is a pure hair and body conditioning in hygge style – so everything which is so beloved and cherished by the Scandinavian. Just let us add the last piece of information that might surprise some of you. Namely, coconut oil is known for its slimming down powers… well… Enjoy the winter leisure topped up with a dash of this tropical coconut.

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