Natural, Homemade Cosmetics – Face Cream for Rosacea and Under Eye Cream with Knapweed and Eye-bright.

D.I.Y. – Face Cream for Rosacea

What is the point in buying expensive and not always effective face creams when we can make such cosmetics on our own? Only then do we know, what is inside the care product. What is more, we also save money on ingredients and this is not synonymous with the fact that cheaper substances are of worse quality. Additionally, all the instruments that are required to make your home-made cream can be found in any cupboard. What to prepare and how to create a face cream for rosacea? Time to open your home laboratory!

In order to make a face cream for rosacea, you will need: lady’s mantle infusion (tautens skin, highlights discolourations and relieves inflammations), golden-saxifrage infusion (has antibacterial and anti-allergic working as well as improves condition of blood vessels), tea oil (anti-fungus and antibacterial working), oil macerate of chlorophytes (moisturises) and E vitamin (smooths and rejuvenates skin). All the above-mentioned ingredients are easily accessible in a pharmacy, on the Internet or even these can be found in a kitchen.

When you have collected all the substances, you can prepare two phases. Oil phase (30%) is composed of: macerate, green tea extract, emulsifier (comprising around 2% of the oil phase). Water phase (70%) in turn can be characterized by lady’s mantle and golden-saxifrage infusion. When it comes to additive phase, it is composed out of a few drops of E vitamin and green tea extract.
The process of making you own face cream for rosacea is extremely easy. Macerate, green tea extract and emulsifier have to be melted in a water bath having 60°C. Second water bath is destined for warming-up the infusions. Now, you have to mix both the phases by pouring oil phase into water one. Stir until the mixture become dense. The moment the cream cools down, add E vitamin. How does this face cram work? Undoubtedly, it helps with fighting against rosacea, closes broken capillaries, eliminates blackheads as well as works anti-inflammatory and relieving. The cream has gentle texture and is absorbed quickly.

Under Eye Cream with Knapweed and Eye-bright

Prepare the following ingredients: infusion of Knapweed petals and eye-bright, jojoba oil, squalane, olive oil and E vitamin. The first ingredient has relieving, highlighting and anti-allergic features. The second infusion has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial working as well as relieves symptoms of any eye diseases. Jojoba and olive oil are able to moisturise skin. Squalane in turn protects skin from solar radiation and improves cell renewal process.

Oli phase (25%) should consist of: olive oil, jojoba oil, squalane and emulsifier. Water phase (75%) are knapweed and eye-bright infusions. Additional ingredient is E vitamin. Firstly, prepare the infusions. Put inside glasses of water two spoons of knapweed petals and a bag of eye-bright. Leave these for approximately 15 minutes, next strain and use for making the under eye cream. Ingredients of oil and water phase have to be warmed-up in separate water baths of 60°C. Next, mix both phases by pouring oil phase into water phase. When the mixture cools down, add E vitamin. All the ingredients can be found in a pharmacy, a supermarket or on a meadow.

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