The 5 Most Recommended Eyebrow Rerums – Check Out Our Ranking!

best brow growth serum

Flawless eyebrows are like your business card! Do you already have an effective brow serum in your makeup bag? A good product can help if you want to nourish your brows and make them thicker and if you have a problem with sparse brows.

What is the best eyebrow serum? How long does it take for a brow serum to work and which ingredients should it contain? And finally – which brow serum is recommended by female Internet users on online forums? Check out the product reviews in our ranking of the best eyebrow serums and choose a professional brow serum for yourself!

What to use to strengthen eyebrows?

Definitely a good way to strengthen the brows would be to reach for an effective eyebrow serum with a formula rich in precious ingredients for brow care. This can include keratin or biotin, as well as natural botanical extracts. We’d be happy to help you find a real beauty wonder!

Here’s our ranking of the most recommended brow serums, without which plenty of women can’t imagine their daily brow care!


– Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum 

The Nanobrow brow serum – PERFORMANCE

An effective eyebrow serum that impresses with its results. It provides twice as thick eyebrows in just 30 days. It moisturizes exceptionally well and ensures the brows stop falling out and become stronger. It is a good way to get rid of the problem of thin brows.

best eyebrow growth serum


This is a brow serum with a safe formula, which is not allergenic and does not cause irritation. The formula with arginine moisturizes and strengthens the eyebrows while the peptide complex regenerates them and stimulates their growth.


Women appreciate this eyebrow serum for its effectiveness and fast action. They notice the initial results after the first use and praise it for its convenient and precise applicator. The serum makes the brows thicker and additionally darkens them.

The professional Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum is efficient and easy to apply. It is ideal for all ladies who want to achieve noticeable results in a very short time. This recommended eyebrow serum transforms brows from thin and sparse ones to thick and gap-free arches.

Size: 5ml

– RevitaBrow

The Revitabrow eyebrow serum – PERFORMANCE

An eyebrow serum that protects the brows from damage and visibly strengthens them. Thanks to this recommended serum, eyebrows become full of shine and fall out less. The brow serum improves the condition of the arches and enhances their look while making them fuller and thicker.


The formula contains, among other ingredients, peptides, panthenol, and lipids, which provide the desired nourishment.


With regular use of this eyebrow serum, women noticed that their brows became actually strengthened and moisturized. Some ladies also claim it made their brows thicker.

The eyebrow serum is non-irritating and gentle even on sensitive skin. Its gentle formula works for any type of eyebrows. The product makes the brows more flexible. The product has been tested by dermatologists.

Size: 3ml

– RapidBrow

The RapidBrow eyebrow serum – PERFORMANCE

This brow serum has a formula rich in ingredients that regenerate damaged and weak brows. It strengthens, nourishes, and moisturizes them in a fairly short time. It also ensures the brows fall out less and become more resistant to damage.


The product contains sweet almond oil, which restores the eyebrows to their former shine, keratin, biotin, and apple fruit cells.


Women claim this eyebrow serum made their brows stronger even though they were damaged by daily styling. In addition, they rate it highly for its convenient brush.

The effects of this eyebrow serum are noticeable after about 2 months. The eyebrow serum makes the brows look fresh and healthy. The serum comes with a mini-brush that ensures you can apply the product easily and reach even the shortest hairs.

Size: 3ml

– Xbrow Eyebrow Serum

Xbrow Eyebrow Serum – PERFORMANCE

An eyebrow serum that provides strengthening, nourishing, and thickening properties within 4-6 weeks. The eyebrow serum is easy to apply and makes the brows shiny and softer. The product features a lightweight, waterproof formula and a convenient brush.


The key ingredients of this brow growth serum are biotin peptide, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and green tea – thanks to them the brows regain a healthy appearance.


Women appreciate this product for its performance and pleasant formula. In a short time, their eyebrows gained shine and stopped looking dry and dull.

 Thanks to this product, the eyebrows get darker and your daily brow makeup will come out much better than previously. 

Size: 3ml

– M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum

M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum – PERFORMANCE

The eyebrow serum contains effective active ingredients, the results of which have been scientifically proven. These include arginine and biotin, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5.

This brow growth serum makes the brows slightly longer and fuller with regular use. The product stimulates brow growth and nourishes the brows deeply. The effects of its application are visible after 6-8 weeks.  


The eyebrow serum contains effective active ingredients, the results of which have been scientifically proven. These include arginine and biotin, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5.


It is a good solution for owners of weak brows. It is a vegan-friendly product, free of silicones, and not tested on animals.

Size: 5ml

Women appreciate it for being gentle on the skin and the convenient applicator. They also notice that it made their brows fall out less and ensures they were stronger. 

It is worth remembering that an effective brow serum can work wonders and completely transform the appearance of the brows.

What are the effects of using a brow serum?

  • thicker brows
  • nourishment and hydration
  • stronger and more flexible eyebrows
  • your brows look good even without additional defining

 Before you reach for any of the eyebrow serums we’ve rounded up here, consider what your needs are and make your decision based on that. Maybe you primarily want to moisturize your brows. Or perhaps to make them ultimately thicker?

Remember that with a good brow serum, you can achieve results that seemed possible only at a professional beauty salon until now!

We hope our ranking of the most recommended eyebrow serums helped find the best eyebrow serum that will nourish, thicken, and strengthen the brows, and at the same time be easy to use.