The best methods for chapped lips

Chapped lips is a bothersome and painful affliction. They require a lot of attention and proper care. Why do lips become chapped? What are the reasons behind it? Check out the best methods for chapped lips and meet all the answers to bothering questions.

Chapped lips – the cause


To be honest there may be lots of reasons for chapped lips to happen to you. It is not always something that can have a say in, especially when the reason is buried in your genes. It may turn out that you suffer from the problem of chronically chapped lips. If you ever dealt with psoriasis or eczema, you will be more prone to chapped lips.


The cause for chapped lips may also be an allergy. The troublesome skin inflammation may have its source in an allergic reaction to the toothpaste, make-up cosmetics. You should consider setting aside the one specific item for some time and the problem may solve on its own. However, if you eliminated this possibility and the lips are still chapped, you should visit a dermatologist to make all necessary tests and find the cause.


The skin of lips may suffer from sunburns. Lips are more susceptible to all kinds of burns and damage because the skin there is exceptionally thin and sensitive. Skin cancer may reach the lips area. Protect your lips when you are going outside. The lips that are chapped due to sun exposure is a way bigger issue than you can¬†think. Those damages may lead to serious affliction –¬†cheilitis exfoliativa. It’s a precancerous affliction that requires proper pharmacological treatment.


You know perfectly well the huge impact water has on the organism. If your lips are dry and chapped, the cause may be dehydration of the organism. Try drinking a lot of water and you’ll observe your lips skin improvement in no time (obviously if now preexisting affliction have been diagnosed, but drinking more water is never a bad idea!). The lips are very thin and have no sweat glands which makes them a few times more susceptible to water loss than other body parts.

Licking your lips

If you notoriously lick your lips, do not expect them to be in a good condition. Licking your lips brings fleeting relief because when the saliva dries your lips become dry again and you repeat it over and over again. It’s a vicious circle that will not solve the issue of chapped lips. Instead of licking your lips, use a lip balm, and be done with this bad habit.


Especially dry air. Wind, smog, and air do not have a beneficial impact on the sensitive skin of your lips. Use a lip balm to protect your lips against the unfavorable impact of atmospheric factors.

The skincare regimen for chapped lips

Most of all, keep a moisturizing lip balm on you at all times. It will protect your lips against dryness and breakage. Use protective lip balms to protect your lips against damage.

Pay attention to the composition of cosmetics. Some of them contain alcohol which is harmful to the lips as it causes irritation and excess dryness. Make sure that the product you choose has more natural ingredients.

If you have chapped lips, you should quit the use of lip gloss, lipstick because the ingredients contained in those can additionally irritate the skin.

Eating spicy foods while having chapped lips can have a very painful effect. Try to avoid them if you deal with dry lips. While undergoing the treatment for chapped lips, try not to go out into the freeze, heat, or strong wind.

At-home methods for chapped lips

Shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil can help calm the irritations and fight back the dry skin of lips. Oils have regenerative action and create natural UV filter that protects lips against unfavorable weather conditions.

Make use of natural ingredients. When dealing with chapped lips perfect will be honey because it contains vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids that moisturize the epidermis. Moreover, the honey holds antibacterial and bactericidal action so it will help make your lips supple and moisturized while preventing skin infection.

Try the beneficial properties of aloe vera. It prevents skin cells from dehydration. Just a thin layer suffice. When it comes to how many times you should do it, well, you can use it as much as you need.

The perfect choice is also vitamin A and vitamin E that protect the lips and help the regeneration.

Sour cream will soften your lips and keep them moisturized thanks to a high amount of fat. Natural products are the best for this type of affliction.

You can also prepare a lip exfoliator with sugar and oil. You should use it twice a week for a better effect. You can massage your chapped lips with a soft toothbrush to keep the blood circulation in lips stimulated.

Mix up honey and curd cheese! Keep this mix on your lips for about 30 minutes.

Chapped lips are troublesome, all year type of affliction. You need to remember of protective measures that will protect your lips against the unfavorable impact of atmospheric factors.

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