Two steps away from beautiful hair. Meet power of nature with Nanoil hair oil!

It is time to systematizes all your knowledge about hair and its needs. Not every hair requires regeneration just like thermal styling does not necessarily needs to be on the banned treatments list. Nanoil hair oils for low, medium and high porosity hair unravel the mystery of hair care. Take two steps towards the possibility of falling in love with your hair all over again.

Hair is subjected to harmful impact of various different factors almost every day. It is worth to devoid a moment for its strengthening and protection, otherwise the next visit with the hairdresser will end with cutting your hair. Healthy scalp, vital hair bulbs, strong and healthy hair. It’s all in your reach.

What can damage your hair?

The most susceptible to damages is wet and tangled hair, this is why so harmful is its detangling straight after the wash, forgetting to comb it prior to hair wash, going to sleep with wet and loose hair. When it comes to hair drying, straightening and curling you should also preserve moderation, because high temperature and excess of cosmetics for hair styling can cause dehydration, weakening and weighting down. When you comb hair, do not do it only on hair ends. Combing hair only on its ends will weaken them, because you do not stimulate blood circulation in skin and will not distribute natural sebum all the way down. Similarly unfavourable is too often hair wash, that strips oils from hair and leaves it unprotected. Bad impact on hair have atmospheric factors, which you unfortunately cannot control, but you most certainly can protect your hair from.

However, the most damage we can do to ourselves with wrongly chosen cosmetics. Buying just any shampoo, conditioner and lots of styling cosmetics for hair with hundreds of ingredients you do not even know how to pronounce. No hair can take it for too long. The most effective hair care matches hair structure and considers the differences between the hair types.

Choose one of three Nanoil hair oils

Nanoil hair oils as the first ones were developed so that their formula perfectly work with hair of various porosities (known as greater or lesser damage to hair structure). These not only have light-weight formula, but also take care of hair from the roots all the way to the ends. Nanoil hair oils have beneficial influence on the scalp condition. Can you imagine better treatment?

Among the three propositions from Nanoil, you can also find your favourite. There is no universal treatment for hair. But there are three Nanoil hair oils, which take care of needs of three basic hair types.

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> High porosity hair is characteristic due to the greatest weakening. This hair type usually suffered plenty, regular colourisation or lightening, subjecting it to frequent treatments, also with heat. Hair is dry, the keratin structure is damaged and hair lack protection, because its cuticles are wide open. As a result hair excessively frizz, is brittle, matte, devoid of gloss, rough in touch, often tangled and with split ends. This hair is prone to dandruff.

The perfect composition of oils with regenerating, conditioning and protective properties will effectively take care of proper hydration, sooth irritations and strengthen damaged hair. If your hair has high porosity, the best proposition for you is Nanoil for high porosity hair (6 natural oils and 8 additional ingredients).

> Low porosity hair, in theory is the healthiest, yet the most difficult in taking care of. Its external structure is tight, all cosmetics settle on the hair surface instead of penetrating inner structures, so the styling is almost impossible. However, at the same time it is definitely easier to weight it down with excess cosmetic or use of the wrong one. Then hair is devoid of all the volume, is straight and heavy. Due to restricted air circulation near the scalp, this hair is prone to greasy roots.

The best combination of natural oils with protective properties can perfectly take care of hair without weighting it down, but raising it at the roots, take care of proper scalp pH and protect sensitive hair structure. If your hair has low porosity, the best option for you is Nanoil for low porosity hair (9 natural oils and 6 additional substances).

> Medium porosity hair has every second woman and yet this hair type is the most difficult to determine. This hair type is qualified somewhere between low and high porosity hair, i.e. hair is not extremely damaged, but is also not fully healthy. Its cuticles are raised and if incorrectly conditioned, hair may frizz due to humidity, lose its gloss, break and curl. This hair is difficult to tame, can suffer from dandruff, be dry at ends and has greasy roots, as well as excessively fall out.

Perfectly chosen oils with regenerating, protective and moisturising properties can significantly improve hair condition, strengthen it, take care of proper hydration, repair and condition hair. If your hair has medium porosity, you should choose Nanoil for medium porosity hair (6 natural oils and 6 additional substances).

Use Nanoil on regular basis

There is no other product, which use would be so easy and problem free. We get used to cosmetics, which use is strictly determined and we have to sick to it in order to obtain looked-for results. Nanoil hair oils for different hair types have perfectly developed formula, based exclusively on natural ingredients. This is what makes Nanoil hair oil suitable for use in many different ways, also on scalp.

nanoil - Hair oiling

The only condition is regularity. If you start treatment with natural oils, you have to use it on regular basis, e.g. with every hair wash. Although, Nanoil hair oils are suitable for use not only on hair prior to or after hair wash. What are other possibilities? Each of Nanoil hair oils can be used:

  • in small amount on dry or wet hair prior to hair wash,
  • for regular hair oiling, even over night,
  • as a cosmetic for easier stylisation and speed up drying time,
  • for scalp oil treatment only,
  • to protect sensitive hair ends,
  • as an enhancing addition to other products, e.g. shampoo,
  • in small amount during the day to provide hair with opulent gloss.

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19 Comments “Two steps away from beautiful hair. Meet power of nature with Nanoil hair oil!”

  1. Jessica

    this article reminded me about hair oiling, I haven’t done it in ages but I remember that it made my hair super soft 🙂

  2. SamanthaR

    that’s the oil I use for my hair oiling treatment and I can confirm that it works wonders!

  3. Violetta

    hair oiling with argan oil works best for me but I heard that ready-made oil blends are better so I was planning to buy one and I think the choice is easy, I’ll go for nanoil

  4. Anne19

    coconut oil on my hair? one big disaster! I guess I have to read more about hair porosity and start oil treatment with different oils

    • Paige

      you will find lots of hair porosity tests online, it actually really helped me chose the right oil. right now, I am using nanoil for medium porosity hair and it matches my hair perfectly

  5. Catherine

    the oil is OK but I’m not sure if I’m gonna repurchase because I think you can get something similiar for less

    • Felicia

      original natural oils cannot be cheap so in my opinion, the price is reasonable

  6. Dorothy

    I had my first hair oil treatment recently and I was really surprised to see that my hair was so soft to the touch. My hair was never that nice no matter what I was using. So far I used flaxseed oil and at the moment, I am using nanoil and this exact oil blend seems to be perfect for my hair

  7. Margaret

    never seen this oil before, where to buy it?

    • Natalie

      I ordered mine from the official website to be sure that I’ll get the original product. Not sure if you will get it in a store somewhere

  8. Patty

    I never applied oils to my hair because I always thought that oils are not the best choice for already oily hair.But I think I should read more about hairoiling

    • Ariana

      actually, oils really helps my oily hair! I trieds various shampoos but no results, only after oiling I noticed impovement

    • BlueEyes

      I managed to get rid of the problem with oily hair thanks to this oil

  9. Edith

    I don’t know this oil but I’d love to try it out because somehow, redken stopped working recently:|

  10. April

    how long do you have to use nanoil to notice more hair ?

    • Natalie

      I notied it after about 3 months, I had a lot of baby hair

  11. Lucy

    A very interesting post, I was just looking for something like that

  12. Rachel

    I oil my hair but there’s a small problem with regularity….

  13. MonA

    Haven’t used this oik yet but I will test it out soon. The packaging is so elegant 🙂


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