Your first hair oil. How to choose it?

Oils offer the finest treatment for hair. They have to be applied the same way hair masks are applied, yet the effects the oils bring out can’t be compared with any mask. To clarify, oils don’t only improve state of hair but also affect scalp positively. No other home treatment effectively slows down hair loss and accelerates hair growth like hair oil treatment does. However, in order to be successful in this ‘hair boosting’ field, the right oils must be chosen – the oils that play in tune with your hair type. How to do it? How to choose a hair oil? Here are our tips.

Hair oil and hair porosity

It would be best to choose an oil that matches hair porosity type. You can define this characteristic of your hair by running an online test, however, sometimes it might get too complicated. In short, hair porosity is the degree at which hair cuticles are raised from the hair shaft. These tiny cuticles create the external coat of hair – they cover the entire hair length and either are tightly overlapping one another (the hair is smooth, heavy and shiny) or lifted perpendicularly to the hair shaft (the hair is rough, damaged, matte and dry).

Before you start matching natural oils to your hair type, you can give a go to oils that suit all hair types equally well. Unless your hair is either thick, heavy and greasy or extremely damaged – reach for the oils that serve everyone, and these are jojoba oil and argan oil. What is so exceptional about them and how do they affect hair?

Jojoba oil for hair – Description and benefits

Jojoba oil is an extraordinary substance. The truth is, it’s liquid wax so naming it ‘oil’ is fallacious. Still, its formula is oily, so is its consistency. Additionally, it shares its properties with oils. The thing though is that jojoba oil is… different. Better? Surely, it’s more precise in its action than other oils. It knows how to take care of greasy as well as dry and brittle hair. Jojoba oil is a source of vitamins that hair finds essential to grow long and look fabulous.

It contains an array of B-group vitamins (responsible for accelerated hair growth, rebuild and strengthens hair shaft) and vitamin E (slows down hair and scalp aging processes, combats hair loss).

Jojoba oil also contains precious minerals: copper (takes care of healthy hair structure), zinc (irreplaceable in protein synthesis, including keratin synthesis – the natural hair constituent), iodine (makes hair elastic and bouncy), chrome (reinforces hair and ensures healthy growth).

Moreover, jojoba oil equals a high concentration of phytosterols which improve both the processes that take place in cells and collagen synthesis. Thanks to this, hair and scalp are in perfect condition.

Argan oil for hair – Description and benefits

The living legend among vegetable oils is the argan oil, undoubtedly. It’s obtained from Argania Spinosa tree nuts that grow in Moroccan nature reserve.

Argan oil is characterized by very high concentration of EFA and vitamins. It’s worth realizing that when compared to other vegetable oils, the concentration of omega fatty acids and vitamin E is one of the highest in argan oil. Additionally, argan nut oil contains many other precious substances.

The huge concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids are responsible for the rejuvenating properties of argan oil.

Since this is an oil offering a really high concentration of omega-7 and omega-9 acids, it’s suitable for medium porosity hair, commonly referred to as ‘normal.’ Argan oil is well-absorbing and doesn’t weigh hair down. Moreover, this oil doesn’t leave hair frizzy as it’s typical for coconut oil.

Hair regularly treated with argan oil becomes definitely stronger, shiny and smooth to the touch. It looks a few years younger which is why argan oil is recommended as a treatment for mature hair.

Furthermore, argan oil is a remedy for excessive hair loss problem, baldness, graying, dandruff, itchy scalp and brittleness. In other words, argan oil deals with all the problems that might affect hair with age.

Another very important characteristic of argan oil is its ability to shield hair from damage. This is an oil that protects hair against hot air stream generated by a blow dryer, the sun, radiation, cold temperatures, exhaust fumes, smog and urban pollution.

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